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Welcome to Queensland Otology

Queensland Otology is a comprehensive medical and surgical practice providing excellence in diagnostic, medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the ear, including cochlear implantation and other implantable hearing devices. We are committed to providing a level of care to our patients that is informative, efficient and effective. Our team offers an evidence-based approach which provides the optimal means of integrating new scientific information into state-of-the-art clinical practice.

We invite you to peruse the information within this site, including our educational site that contains a wealth of material intended to supply relevant information at the patient, general medical, and specialist levels via an educational portal of exceptional depth and breadth.

This portal is intended to provide the best possible understanding of the conditions treated and the management required for these problems.

In particular, the portal offers an educational site that offers insight into management techniques offered by few other centres, such as in management of cholesteatoma, mastoidectomy cavities and implantable technology techniques that are availbale to our patients when prescribed.

We believe that Queensland Otology, by application to research and its clinical applications, offers ear surgical standards that are rarely rivalled.

For Patients

For our patients we provide tertiary level skills and experience for your information, see the patients area in the education portal.

For Professionals

Ear diseases are a common condition, often difficult to diagnose and management requires specialised and particular skills. We offer the professionals area in the educational portal to illustrate these aspects.

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