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About Us

Queensland Otology is the leading private Otological service in Queensland, servicing all areas of the State, as well as interstate, as a tertiary referral centre for advanced ear surgery, with particular specialisation in reconstructive middle ear surgery and implantable hearing technology. We utilise the latest, evidence-based and clinically proven diagnostic, assessment, and surgical techniques.

By partnering with Queensland Otology you will be assured of receiving clinical and surgical treatment that is sophisticated, has clinical acceptability, and is underpinned by the latest surgical techniques.

Please visit the many areas of our web site and educate yourself about some of the conditions that we treat: for patients, or their families and those applicable to yourselves. For medical and allied professionals, the Educational Portal will provide information in much greater depth and breadth.

Our People

Professor Bruce Black MD FRACS FRCSEd FRCS

Professor Black graduated from the University of Queensland and completed specialty training in Otolaryngology in Oxford, Edinburgh and London, and is now a specialist ear surgeon in private practice on Wickham Terrace.

He was the senior surgeon and Chair, Department of Otolaryngology, at the Royal Children’s Hospital and is now the senior Otologist at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. He was the founding surgeon of the cochlear implant programs of the Royal Children’s Hospital, the Hear and Say Centre, and Attune Ltd.

He has been a pioneering surgeon in keyhole cochlear implant surgery, middle ear reconstruction and the treatment of cholesteatoma, and has been a consultant to Olympus Ltd in middle ear prosthetic design for many years. He is the author of “An Introduction to Ear Disease”, has published over 100 ear disease articles, is on the review boards of several academic journals, and is a longstanding member of the Politzer Society. Professor Black is the remaining founding director of Hear and Say and is the Centre’s Surgical Director. Bruce Black curriculum vitae

Dr. Jane Black PhD, B Soc Wk (Hons 1st class), Dip Th Rad.

Dr. Jane Black oversees patient relations at Queensland Otology with a long experience of the management of ear disease services and related fields, which included managing Queensland Hearing in the formative years prior to becoming Attune Ltd. Jane is a specialist Social Worker, engaged in the complexities of paediatric cochlear implantation and other related services.

Jane is a leading world authority on prognostication in cochlear implantation, that was the subject of successful doctorate studies at the University of Queensland. This lead to the publication of a series of landmark works together with several international presentations in this field. Jane also held the Chair, Board of Directors, at the Hear and Say Centre for ten years, overseeing the rise of the Centre from limited beginnings to one of the success stories in NGO management of the difficult area of paediatric cochlear implantation.

She continues on several of the Centre’s managerial committees. Jane currently consults with parents of implant and related deaf children within the context of the often-complex circumstances surrounding the early years of children with severe hearing loss, and also oversees the passage of many of the adult patients receiving cochlear implants and other implantable hearing devices within the Attune implant program.

Our support staff includes our administration group, audiologists, psychologists, speech pathologists, audioverbal therapists and clinical social workers.

What we do


Office procedures are undertaken in all clinics. These include ready access ear cleaning service, vent tube (grommet) insertions, intra-tympanic gentamicin perfusion, and similar managements that do not require in-patient care.


We provide a full range of ear surgery procedures, including super-specialised reconstructive techniques otherwise not readily available. The full range is set out in detail in the Educational Portal. Particular skills include mastoid cavity repair, advanced cholesteatoma surgery and least traumatic surgery for cochlear and other implantable hearing technology.


Many ear surgical conditions and procedures have associated areas of considerable concern to patients or their families that are best served by expert knowledge combined with skilled counselling. Dr Jane Black has a long experience of professional care in this area, particularly with regards the management of children with often distressing conditions such as those requiring cochlear implantation.


Maintenance of the highest surgical standards requires applied research to continually improve outcomes. For many years, Queensland Otology has been at the forefront of several such areas in ear surgery, which is the basis for the excellence of service provided. Professor Black also has a long experience of Otological prosthetic design with Olympus-Gyrus, a leading manufacturer in Memphis, USA. Jane Black is a noted author of work in the paediatric cochlear implantation field. Our Educational Portal lists the major papers relevant to the research published in the leading Journals over the years.


Professor Black has a long experience of education activities at all levels, from general public presentations to participation in the global major teaching and is involved in training students, interns and trainee surgeons. Queensland Otology maintains affiliations with major educational institutions at State (University of Queensland), National (Royal College of Surgeons, Australian Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery) and International levels (Politzer Society). He has chaired the Otology planning section of the 2013 International Federation of Otolaryngology Conference and is a member of the Planning Committee of the 2016 International Cholesteatoma Meeting in Edinburgh.

For online educational services, we have developed a very comprehensive Educational Site. For a guide to ear disease and its management, set out at lay, general practice and specialist levels, click on to this portal.


We have enjoyed academic affiliation with the University of Queensland for many years, achieving professorial status over the last 20 years and enjoying tuition of tomorrow’s doctors as an ongoing basis.

Professor Black is a Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Australia, England and Edinburgh of many years standing.

We are also affiliated with and actively engage in the Specialist Societies of Australia (ASOHNS) and Internationally (the Politzer Society – the major international ear surgery forum).

Locally, Queensland Otology maintains close links with Attune (Australia’s major private audiological company, of which we are a founding member) and also the Hear and Say Centre for Deaf Children, Queensland’s premier deaf children facility.