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Adult Otology

Adult ear disease is a common malady that may vary from nuisance to troublesome to dangerous. Conditions include those of hearing loss, infection and balance difficulties, many with attendant discomfort or distress.

Not uncommonly, cases may go without appropriate care, due to a lack of communication with respect to modern surgical developments and technology. Expertise is essential for optimal outcomes.

Here at Queensland Otology we have an experience of decades of world-leading research and related surgical development that allows provision of high standard and comprehensive surgical care. Our specialty is repair of those difficult surgical conditions (for example infected mastoid cavities) for which advanced tertiary reconstructive skills are required.

1`Hearing technology provided includes passive middle ear implants (partial and total ossicular replacement prostheses, cochlear implants, active middle ear implants (Vibrant Soundbridge) and active bone conduction devices ( Bonebridge, BAHA)

We work with Attune to provide the best possible technological services for those with severe hearing losses.

Lastly, but commonly, ears are very subject to blockage for a number of reasons. This can be extremely annoying, and to relieve this problem we offer a ready access ear cleaning service, such that this discomfort need not be prolonged.

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