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Welcome to the Queensland Otology Educational Portal.

Contained within is a library of informative material comprising a wealth of otological images and related teaching tools. These are assembled in academic levels from lay presentations to more advanced presentations in specialised areas and research. For the information of our patients and teaching purposes within the profession this site offers these materials on several formats, as above. Queensland Otology has maintained educational links with the University of Queensland and other educational venues for many years. The site may have particular attraction for undergraduates in the medical and associated fields. At a specialist training level the site includes a very advanced photographic encyclopaedia of otological images that comprehensively covers the ear surgery clinical fields, to aid specialty trainees in the course of their studies, together with selected presentations on subject matter in greater depth. Family practice level material is compressed into case presentations and clinical capsules – concise outlines of a wide variety of common ear situations. At this level we have revised a previously released text, updated and illustrated accordingly. Lastly material for our patients’ information is presented for our patients and for wider interest, as otological articles, although the medical sites may be of interest to these readers also.


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