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Paediatric Otology

Paediatric ear diseases are come of the most common afflictions of childhood, often extremely distressing to child and parents alike, causing suffering, absence from school and parental distress. The problems range from mild to those that threaten the development of speech and language. Fortunately many of these conditions are readily overcome, whilst others may require the highest surgical skills. Professor Bruce Black has been Queensland’s leading paediatric Otologist for many years, as the Chair, Department of Otolaryngology, Royal Children’s Hospital, and latterly as the senior Otologist at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. As a founding Director of the Hear and Say Centre, he has worked for many years in paediatric deafness and its management. Jane Black, our Clinical Social Worker, specialising in cochlear implant surgery, has been the Chair, Board of Directors at the Centre for many years and remains a Board member actively participating in the Centre’s committee activities.

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