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Patient Information


Appointments to all clinics are made via the numbers below.

Need to know information

Fees: It is important to us that you have a full understanding of any fees relevant to your management. Our staff will be very pleased to provide full details that may be desired.

Privacy: Your privacy is an important part of our management of your condition; our staff will outline this to you on arrival.

Parking Availability: Our staff will be glad to assist you with respect to local parking facilities. Please enquire if you need direction in this respect.

Public Transport: Our clinics have public transport nearby, and we will be glad to advise the details.

For Out-of-town Patients: If local accommodation is desired, our staff will be pleased to explain the local options in depth with respect to location and standard of the facilities.

Surgical Services: The range of our surgical services is listed in the sections as above and further details are supplied below. Greater coverage is provided in several grades of detail in the Educational Portal